Math Classes

Santa Rosa Junior College mathematics curriculum has undergone many changes. 

Here is all the current information on what courses and programs the Mathematics Department offers.

Students enrolling in mathematics courses at SRJC fall into three categories.

  1. Students who have taken the prerequisite course at SRJC or an equivalent course at another accredited college or university with a documented grade of A, B, C, or p have met the prerequisite and may enroll in the next class.
  2. Students who have not taken and passed the stated prerequisite as referenced in Category 1 must refer to Assessment Services for placement in their first math class.
  3. Students who have received an NP, D, F, or W in the stated prerequisite course can repeat the prerequisite course in order to meet the conditions of Category 1, and thereafter may enroll in the course for which the repeated course is a prerequisite.

Mathematics course outlines

Courses for STEM majors:

MATH 25 Precalculus Algebra MATH 58 Precalculus Trigonometry
MATH 27 Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH 1A Calculus, First Course
MATH 1B Calculus, Second Course
MATH 1C Calculus, Third Course
MATH 2 Calculus, Fourth Course-Differential Equations
MATH 4 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 5 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 6 An Introduction to Higher Mathematics
MATH 49 Independent Study in Mathematics

Courses for Business majors:

MATH 9 Finite Mathematics
MATH 15 Elementary Statistics
MATH 16 Introduction to Mathematical Analysis

Courses for Liberal Arts majors, General Education for Transfer or General Education for Non-Transfer:

MATH 10 Nature of Mathematics
MATH 15 Elementary Statistics
MATH 74 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers - Number Systems

Support Courses:

MATH 200 B-STEM Concurrent Support (For Math 9, Math 16, and Math 27)
MATH 215 Elementary Statistics Concurrent Support (For Math 15)
MATH 225 Precalculus Algebra Concurrent Support (For Math 25)
MATH 770 Supplemental Instruction: Math and Science (Drop-in tutoring in the STEM Success Center)

Courses Not Currently Offered:

MATH 101 Mathematics for the Associate Degree
MATH 150 Elementary Algebra
MATH 154 Elementary and Intermediate Algebra
MATH 156 Intermediate Algebra for Business and STEM Majors
MATH 161 Mathematics Preparation for Statistics and Liberal Arts

Course Sequence

Lower numbered courses are transferable, and students usually choose courses based on major or career interest. Meet with a counselor for assistance when making this choice.


The Math placement guidelines, approved by the SRJC Board of Directors, have changed to comply with AB 705.

If you have questions regarding your placement, please consult your Academic Councilor.  Placement guidelines can be found online at Assessment Services.

Mathematics Faculty are more then willing to discuss any SRJC math class with you if you have any questions.  We are eager to help you in your academic success!