The Mathematics Department has scholarships!

The SRJC Mathematics Department offers five scholarships to continuing and transfer students.  The recipients for the awards described below are chosen by the Mathematics Department and are presented at the Mathematics Department Scholarship Luncheon.

Announcing an additional Mathematics Scholarship:

We encourage you to apply for the Coombs family scholarship. The scholarship is intended for anyone transferring this year who is interested in studying and teaching STEM.

The application is due Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 5pm.

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You can apply for the following scholarships on the SRJC Foundation Scholarship page:

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We want you to have the best chance of receiving one of our awards!

Before applying for any scholarship, please review our Scholarship Tips Page.


Milt Hoehn Mathematics Scholarship

Milt Hoehn, who retired from the SRJC Mathematics Department in 1984, was the second full-time mathematics instructor at SRJC.  In honor of Milt and to continue his legacy, this award recognizes students with exceptional scholarship and creativity in mathematics.

Read the Scholarship Criteria and expectations here


Patrick Boyle Memorial Scholarship

Pat Boyle was an early member of the SRJC Mathematics Department who was known for being active professionally and encouraging collegiality and dialogue – especially in terms of innovation and change that the impact of technology has on mathematics curriculum and pedagogy. This award honors a student who is interested in mathematics in the classroom and beyond – showing an interest in problem-solving activities, extracurricular math activities (eg. AMATYC competition, attending and/or presenting clubs/colloquia), or incorporating technology in learning or applying mathematics.

Robert Coombs Memorial Mathematics Scholarship

Bob Coombs, who retired from the SRJC Mathematics Department in 1988, was the third full-time mathematics instructor at SRJC. In honor of Bob, this award is given to an outstanding student who is transferring to a four-year college and who plans to become a teacher of mathematics.


Joseph Smyth Memorial Reentry Scholarship

Joe Smyth is a former member of the SRJC Mathematics Department who had a special interest in the student who had returned to school after a number of years, who was struggling with family and financial responsibilities, and yet was motivated enough to pursue a goal which required education.  This award honors Joe by providing financial encouragement to a continuing student who is making progress towards an academic goal in spite of difficult circumstances.

Robert F. Agrella Scholarship

Robert Agrella, former Superintendent/President of SRJC, is also a former mathematics instructor.  To honor his years of service to the college, this award recognizes an outstanding mathematics student who is transferring to a four-year institution.



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