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Tutor List

A complete list of tutors is available.

Math Labs

While the Santa Rosa Junior College holds classes via distance learning, the Math Lab will serve our students' needs online.  For more information and to get access to the Online Math Lab: https://mathematics.santarosa.edu/online-math-lab-tutoring

Kunde Hall 153 Lab
The Computer and Mathematics Lab is a computer lab with a variety of mathematics software for students to use. Other software includes science programs (including chemistry, biology, and physics) and word processing. The Lab is open Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 8 pm staffed with Lab Instructors and Lab Assistants to answer mathematics questions. Lab Instructors and Lab Assistants are there to answer computer and mathematics questions. Math levels (Math 150 through Math 2B and 5) are addressed.

For more information on the Math lab and other SRJC computer labs https://it.santarosa.edu/computer-labs

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Tutorial Center

While the Santa Rosa Junior College holds classes via distance learning, the the Santa Rosa and Petaluma Tutorial Centers will serve our students' needs online.  For more information and to get access to the Online Tutoring services: https://college-skills.santarosa.edu/srjc-tutorial-centers

The Tutorial Center is located in the Frank P. Doyle Library, First Floor, Room 4251. Phone 521-6903.
Petaluma Campus: The Tutorial Center, located in Kathleen Doyle Bldg. room 247 (i.e., PC-247), offers math tutoring on a drop-in or appointment basis during specified hours. Students can call 778-2409 for additional information.

The center offers three different types of mathematics tutoring:

  • Drop-In. Students can drop in for assistance in studies at any time during the hours the Tutorial Center is open. Instructional Aides and Student Tutors are available for assistance. Math levels up through Math 156 are available all day, and for advanced classes as scheduled.
  • Individual Appointments. A student can request a Student Tutor for one hour a week for individual tutoring for the entire semester.
  • Math Groups. Research shows that students who work in groups perform better in math courses. Math groups can be formed by four students or more from the same class and are tutored by Instructional Aides for one hour at the same time every week. We especially encourage students to form study groups.

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Instructor Office Hours

Mathematics Instructors are available for discussion during scheduled office hours which are listed in the schedule of classes. Bring problems and questions with you.


Activities and support services for mathematics students are offered through the SRJC’s MESA Program (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement Program).

Supplemental Videos

A. Coursework video and audio tapes available.

Tapes consist of lectures and demonstrations that cover topics in your textbook. Viewing allows you to pause, review, and rework problems at you own pace. You can find them in Doyle Library and the Reentry Office on the Santa Rosa Campus and in Mahoney Library at the Petaluma Campus.

1. Beginning Algebra Classes

* "Eye on Algebra" and "Spotlight on Algebra" (Math 150)

* "Algebra: A Graphing Approach" (Math 150)

2. Intermediate Algebra

* "Spotlight on Algebra" (Math 156/154)

* "Intermediate Algebra" (Math 156/154)

* "College Algebra" (Math 156, 27)

3. Trigonometry

* "Spotlight on Trigonometry" (Math 27)

* "Trigonometry" (Math 27)

* "Statistics" (Math 15)

Various text will have new video or audio tapes available upon instructor request. Check with your instructor if these supplements are of interest to you.

B. Additional videotapes of interest (located in Plover and Mahoney Libraries, Reentry, and College Skills)

1. "Against All Odds" - An excellent videotape series for statistics students.

2. "Math: Who Needs It?" - A PBS special featuring well known comedians and Jaime Escalante. It is fast paced, interesting , and funny. It explores helpful perspectives on math and various careers (length: 60 minutes).

3. "Math: A Four Letter Word" A quick course in theory and techniques for reducing math anxiety (20 minutes).

4. "Math Anxiety" with Counselor/Instructor Peggy Phipps.

5. "Learning to be a Good Math Student" with Deborah Dow.

6. "Math: How To Prepare For and Take Tests" with Math Instructor Barry Wood.

7. "Mastery of Test Taking" with Counselor/Instructor John Daly.

8. "Test Anxiety" with Counselor/Instructor Kathleen Kraemer and Kris Baird, College Skills Instructor.

9. "How to Create and Use Math Study Groups" with Dan Munton, Maureen McCarthy, Diane Larson, Kathleen Kramer (SRJC instructors and counselors).

Supplemental Coursework

1. Guidance/Study Skills Classes: See the Schedule of Classes or a counselor for information about these classes

2. Guidance 60.1, Overcoming Math Anxiety: A study skills class that explores the nature, causes, and effects of math anxiety and the impact of emotions and attitudes on learning and performance. The course includes activities and materials that assist students in developing strategies for success based on individual learning styles.

3. College Skills 350, Test Taking Strategies: A study skills class that familiarizes students with college test taking measures and strategies. The course helps student overcome test anxieties by practicing specific test taking skills and helps students learn goal setting techniques.

4. College Skills 772, Math Brush Up: An open entry/open exit class for any student wishing to prepare for math exams or to supplement specific math topics through the first half of beginning algebra. Computer assisted instruction and qualified math instructors and aides are available.