The PALS Program in the Mathematics Department

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Peer Assisted Learning Specialist Program Duties

  • Attend regular class meetings to offer embedded classroom assistance help to students and/or to understand the instructor’s teaching approach and strategies. At least one hour per week in class is required of all PALS. When determined by instructor, PALS will attend more hours weekly.
  • Provide grading assistance on low-stakes, formative assessments, as needed. PALS may not have access to grade books. PALS may be added to Canvas as a “student.”
  • Hold individual tutoring sessions outside of regular class, as needed. Depending on student demand, these could be small group tutoring sessions. All sessions must happen on SRJC campuses, and when possible, these sessions will happen in existing tutoring centers on campus: Tutorial Center or Math Lab.
  • Meet with the instructor as needed to plan and prepare.


PALS will be hired as STNC. PALS are selected by faculty members who will serve as Supervisors.


PALS Requirements

In order to serve as a Peer Assisted Learning Specialist,

  • Be 18 or older.
  • Have successfully completed the course(s) they work within.
  • An individual must be able to satisfy the requirements of the I-9 Employment Eligibility Form.

PALS Training

PALS receive up to 5 hours of paid training in fall and spring; they attend a Kick-off session at the start of Fall and Spring semesters. Only returning PALS work in the summer, since there is no
paid training.

Math courses eligible to participate in the PALS program:

Math 9, Math 10, Math 15, Math 16, Math 25, Math 58, Math 27, Math 74, Math 200, Math 1A, Math 1B, Math 1C, Math 2, Math 4, and Math 5


Funding Formula (The number of hours allotted to PALS depending on the unit value of the class)

  • 3 units = 80 hours
  • 4 units= 100 hours
  • 5 units=120 hours

(Note: If you are teaching Math 15 + Math 215, you won’t get additional hours, but you can use your PALS in either Math 15 or Math 215. We will revisit this funding formula for future semesters.)