Mathematics Scholarship Tips

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Mathematics Scholarship Application Tips:

The Mathematics Department offers five different scholarships. It can be daunting to apply for a college scholarship, especially if it your first time.  Here are some tips on how to create a good scholarship application and maximize your chance at winning an award:

  1. Start preparing your application early.  You need to write complete and clear answers to all of the questions for all of the Math scholarships.  Start working on the answers early and have a someone proof read it.  You can visit a SRJC Writing Center to help brainstorm ideas and edit your existing answers into something even better!  Never underestimate the power of a really solid application.  Please note that the Milt Hohen application has additional answers required for consideration. You will be asked for a statement on what ways you satisfy the criteria for this award and a statement on your immediate educational goals and your long-term career goals.
  2. Applications and additional information for all of the Mathematics Department scholarships can be found here:  Be aware of the deadline to submit an application so you don't miss out!
  3. If you apply for a Foundation Scholarship and you are a Mathematics major, consider applying for the Milt Hohen Scholarship as well.  With the Milt Hohen Memorial scholarship, the committee is looking for a student that has taken many math classes at SRJC and has done other things outside of their math classes involving mathematics.  Some of these activities can be, but are not limited to, working in the Math Lab, being a mathematics Teaching Fellow, or PALS, working as a math tutor, going to conferences like MAA, CMC^3, or AMATYC, participating in a student poster contest, participating in an internship that involves mathematics, etc.
  4. The Coombs Memorial Scholarship gives preference to a student who intends to be a Mathematics Teacher. If that is your career goal, make sure you include that in your essay.
  5. The faculty in the Mathematics Department are interested in your success.  Talk to them about the Mathematics Scholarships to learn more about them.  Research is important and you might pick up a few more key tips.


Scholarship Criteria for the Milt Hoehn Mathematics Scholarship

The Milt Hohen Award was designed to reward a SRJC student that has truly excelled and contributed to Mathematics  To apply for the scholarship, you must list your math classes, math instructors, and grade and then you must write two statements.  In the first statement, you need to describe in what ways you are eligible for the award.  The scholarship committee is looking for:

  • Demonstration of scholarship in mathematics
  • Demonstration of creativity and curiosity in mathematics
  • Participation in mathematics outside the classroom (department contests, independent study, homework reader, tutor, etc.)
  • Number of mathematics courses and mathematics instructors at SRJC
  • Applicant must have completed Math 1A or its equivalent to be eligible for the award.

In the second statement, you must describe both your immediate and long term career goals.

This scholarship does require additional information when you apply, but it is worth it! Please have these statements, your GPA, and your SRJC Math class record ready when you apply.