Precalculus Split

What is Math 25 and Math 58?

The Santa Rosa Junior College Mathematics Department  offers Math 27 in a split format, Math 25 and Math 58!

Math 25:  Precalculus Algebra (3 units) 





Math 27:  Precalc Alg and Trig (5 units)

Math 58:  Precalculus Trigonometry (3 units)



Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:


Is taking Math 25 and Math 58 equivalent to taking Math 27?


Yes.  In this case, 25 + 58=27!


Why is Math 25/58 a total of 6 units, while Math 27 is 5 units?


There is some necessary overlap in material for the two classes.


Can I take the courses in any order?




Can I take the courses concurrently?




Why should I take Math 25 and Math 58 instead of Math 27?


There are many reasons a student might want to take Math 25 and Math 58 instead of Math 27.  Here are a few:


  1. The split version of the course allows a student to cover the material more slowly, over two semesters instead of just one.  Even if the courses are taken concurrently, the two classes allow the student more time to absorb the information presented.  In the Math 58 class, for example, trigonometry will be presented from the beginning of the semester to the end, while in Math 27, the same material is presented over the course of 6 to 8 weeks. 
  2. Since Math 25 and Math 58 can be taken in the same semester, the split version allows more flexibility in scheduling. 
  3. Students may not have time for a 5 unit class in his/her schedule, but could fit in a 3 unit class.
  4. Students may only need to take the Math 25 (UC transferable and CSU transferable) or the Math 58 (CSU transferable only) portion for their major. 
What is the prerequisite for these classes?

Math 25, 58 and 27 all have the same prerequisite:  Completion of Math 156 or Math 154 with a C or better or completion of Math 3 or Algebra II with a C or better in High School.