Math 200

If you are interested in taking a math course that is not Math 15 or Math 25 you may want or need to take a corequisite support course to help you succeed in that math course. Please refer to Assessment Services for information on your placement.

Math 200 is designed to increase the likelihood of your success in primarily business and STEM-related Math courses, but you can take Math 200 with any math course to help you with your algebra, study, and test taking skills.

Why would you want to take Math 200?
Some students enrolling in SRJC have not passed either Math 3 or Intermediate Algebra in high school or have not taken a math class in five or more years and getting through your first math class at SRJC can be intimidating. Because of the limits placed on SRJC by the State Chancellor's office, we are no longer able to schedule Elementary or Intermediate Algebra classes for students who want them. Math 200 is for these students it will provide support in relearning algebra skills necessary for transfer-level math classes and it will also include study skills and test taking strategies all designed to help students to become the best college math students that they can be.
What classes do you take with Math 200?
Math 200 was built primarily for Math 27, Math 16, and Math 9 students but Math 200 can support students wanting to take Math 74 and Math 10. as well. Math 15 and Math 25 have their own designated support courses. If you have any questions on this, you can contact your academic councilor or the math department office. All students are allowed to enroll in a Math 25 with the additional support if they wish to, even if it is not required by their placement.
Some facts about how the Math 200 course works:
  1. Math 200 is a general support course not tied to a specific math class like the support courses for Math 25 and Math 15.
  2. You should enroll in Math 200 if you have not passed Math 3 or Intermediate Algebra in High School.
  3. You should enroll in Math 200 if you have not taken a math class in five or more years or if you want additional support in your transfer-level math course.
  4. You can pass the Math 200 course even if you do not pass your other math course.
  5. Math 200 is a Pass/No Pass course This course does not impact your semester or your overall Pass/No Pass unit limits.

The Mathematics Department is interested in helping our students achieve their educational goals. Math 200 students will build the skills that they need in order to be successful in their math classes as well as the rest of their college classes.

We want you to succeed in your first Math class at SRJC. Math 200 is designed to help you do just that.