Tutor List

List of Tutors and Contact Information
Name: Boaz, Karen TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: Petaluma Rate/Hr. $40
Phone: 707-478-2929 Email: Karen_boaz@yahoo.com
Levels: Algebra through Calculus
Name: Carter, John TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: Santa Rosa Rate/Hr. $20/half hour, $30/1 hour, $40/hr group rate
Phone: 707-616-1711 Email: Johntutorsmath707@gmail.com
Levels: Beg & Int Algebra, Math 9, 25, 58, 15
Name: Fish, Adriana TM/Plc: By Arrangement/SRJC
City: Sonoma County Rate/Hr. TBA
Phone: 707-217-9563 Email: adriana.tutoring1@gmail.com
Levels: Common Core, Alg., Geometry, Trig, Calc, and some upper level courses
Name: Girard, Steve TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: Petaluma Rate/Hr. $30 in Petaluma; $35 outside of Petaluma area
Phone: 707-338-0251 Email: sgpiano@sbcglobal.net
Levels: Algebra, Geometry, PreCalc, Calc, STATS, General Chem, Physics
Name: Kellar, Ricky TM/Plc: By Arrangement, will travel to student through Sonoma County
City: Will travel to the student in Sonoma & Marin Counties Rate/Hr. $70 (Single Subject Teaching Cred./Math State of Calif.)
Phone: 707-632-6885 Email: rkellar2000@yahoo.com
Levels: All levels basic math up to and including Calculus; High School Bio, Chem, Earth Sci, Eng, French, Spanish, History, Geography, Study Skills for ACT & SAT Prep
Name: Martinelli, Morgan TM/Plc: By arrangement
City: Santa Rosa Rate/Hr. $35
Phone:   Email: morganm5665@gmail.com
Levels: All Algebra, Geometry, PreCalc, All Calc, Linear Algebra
Name: Morrison, Jan TM/Plc: By arrangement
City: By arrangement Rate/Hr. $30
Phone: 707-696-1844 Email: jmorrison@santarosa.edu
Levels: Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, PreCalculus
Name: Nakagawa, Howard TM/Plc: By Arrangement: Cotati/Rohnert Park/Petaluma
City: Rohnert Park Rate/Hr. $30 (CA High School Math credential)
Phone:   Email: hknakagawa@comcast.net
Levels: PreAlg, Alg l & ll, Geometry, Trig
Name: Odland, Richard TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: Sebastopol Rate/Hr. $40
Phone: 707-829-2728 Email: rodland@sonic.net
Levels: Algebra l, ll, Geometry, Trig, PreCalculus
Name: Romero, Teresa TM/Plc: By arrangement
City: Sebastopol Rate/Hr. $40-$60; Bachelor’s Degree in Math & CA Teaching Credential
Phone: 707-217-0816 Email: teresaromero@sonic.net
Levels: Elem School – College Including Statistics Integrated Math & Common Core, Students with Math Anxiety, Disabilities & other challenges welcome.
Name: Rosenberg, Jayne TM/Plc: Afternoon/Evenings; My home, 1 mi. east of SRJC
City: Santa Rosa Rate/Hr. $50 (M.S. in Mathematics)
Phone: 707-525-1658 Email: jrosenberg@santarosa.edu
Levels: All levels thru Calc 1A including Stats; Exam Prep for Academia & Business
Name: Stansbury, Mark TM/Plc: By Arrangement/SRJC
City: Santa Rosa Rate/Hr. $40
Phone: 707-235-4095 Email: mark.c.stansberry@gmail.com
Levels: Jr. High, High School and College:  Alg., Geometry, Trig, Calc, Finite Math, Stats, Physics, Chem, Electronics, Electrical Engineering (BSEE), Circuit Analysis, Computer Science & Programming, Technical Writing.  10 yrs. Exp. Test Prep: ACT, SAT, CBEST, CSET; Tutoring Since 2004
Name: Wong, Annette TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: Petaluma Rate/Hr. $40/$45 depending on location (experienced Math teacher with CA credential)
Phone: 707-658-2673 Email: mettewong@yahoo.com
Levels: Middle school thru beginning Calculus; Test Prep CAHSEE, SAT, SATII, ACT
Name: Zimmer, Steve TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: Santa Rosa Rate/Hr. up to $40 (group rates available)
Phone: 707-570-2511 Email: stevezimmertu@gmail.com
Levels: High School and JC Algebra through Calculus; High School General & AP Chemistry