Private Tutor List

Private tutors are not SRJC employees. Currently enrolled SRJC students are encouraged to first explore the free tutoring provided by the Math Lab and the Tutorial Center.

If you wish to be included on this list, please contact the Mathematics Department, at, for requirements and an application.

List of Tutors and Contact Information
Name: Andrews, Maggie TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: By Arrangement Rate/Hr. $30-80
Phone: 765-543-7542 Email:
Levels: Middle School, High School and College: Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Precalc, Calc 1-3, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Statistics,
Name: Boaz, Karen TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: Petaluma Rate/Hr. $40
Phone: 707-478-2929 Email:
Levels: Algebra through Calculus
Name: Carter, John TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: Santa Rosa Rate/Hr. By Arrangement
Phone:   Email:
Levels: K-12, Beg & Int Algebra, Math 9, 25, 58, 15
Name: Espinosa, River TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: By Arrangement Rate/Hr. $55-$75
Phone: 707-277-1331 Email:
Levels: Pre-algebra through Calculus, Linear Algebra
Name: Girard, Steve TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: Petaluma Rate/Hr. $30 in Petaluma; $35 outside of Petaluma area
Phone: 707-338-0251 Email:
Levels: Algebra, Geometry, PreCalc, Calc, STATS, General Chem, Physics
Name: Kellar, Ricky TM/Plc: By Arrangement, will travel to student through Sonoma County
City: Will travel to the student in Sonoma & Marin Counties Rate/Hr. $80 (Single Subject Teaching Cred./Math State of Calif.)
Phone: 707-890-0035 Email:
Levels: All levels basic math up to and including Calculus; High School Bio, Chem, Earth Sci, Eng, French, Spanish, History, Geography, Study Skills for ACT & SAT Prep
Name: Martinelli, Morgan TM/Plc: By arrangement
City: Santa Rosa Rate/Hr. $35
Phone:   Email:
Levels: All Algebra, Geometry, PreCalc, All Calc, Linear Algebra
Name: Nakagawa, Howard TM/Plc: By Arrangement: Cotati/Rohnert Park/Petaluma
City: Rohnert Park Rate/Hr. $40 (CA High School Math credential)
Phone:   Email:
Levels: PreAlg, Alg l & ll, Geometry, Trig
Name: Pecover,Ben TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: Santa Rosa Rate/Hr. $60/hr (discounts available)
Phone: 707-331-0086 Email:
Levels: Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry, Pre-calc, Calc 1
Name: Romero, Teresa TM/Plc: By arrangement
City: Sebastopol Rate/Hr. $40-$60; Bachelor’s Degree in Math & CA Teaching Credential
Phone: 707-217-0816 Email:
Levels: Elem School – College Including Statistics Integrated Math & Common Core, Students with Math Anxiety, Disabilities & other challenges welcome.
Name: Sepic, Ryland TM/Plc: By arrangement
City: By arrangement Rate/Hr. $25 - $50 per hour
Phone: 707-364-3163 Email:
Levels: Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Discrete Mathematics, Probability and Statistics
Name: Skandera, Rebekah TM/Plc: By arrangement
City: Online or Downtown Santa Rosa by arrangement Rate/Hr. $35 per hour
Phone:   Email:
Levels: Middle school through college; pre-calculus through calculus, linear algebra & differential equations, statistics & beginning chemistry
Name: Wong, Annette TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: Petaluma Rate/Hr. $40/$45 depending on location (experienced Math teacher with CA credential)
Phone: 707-658-2673 Email:
Levels: Middle school thru beginning Calculus; Test Prep CAHSEE, SAT, SATII, ACT
Name: Zimmer, Steve TM/Plc: By Arrangement
City: Santa Rosa Rate/Hr. up to $40 (group rates available)
Phone: 707-570-2511 Email:
Levels: High School and JC Algebra through Calculus; High School General & AP Chemistry